What are the most common types of wood?

Pine, Hemlock, meranti, cedar, Douglas.

Is wood suitable for the Israeli climate?


Wood is a standard construction material. It is strong and durable, and contrary to popular belief, the Mediterranean climate is optimal for a variety of wood types.

What process does the wood undergo prior to becoming a rolling shutter?


The wood is sealed, and treated against pests. Later the wood is dried to a level of 12-14% humidity for optimal preservation.

What are the color options?

Natural colors include a walnut assortment, in which tones may vary due to natural fluctuations in pigmentation, thereby preserving the original texture of the wood.
Colors can be selected from the standard RAL catalog. The most popular selections include: 9001, 1013, and 9010.
Windows and doors are also available in antique or wash finishes.

What is the painting process for the wood?

The wood is first primed to protect from harmful UV rays. Following this, the wood gets two coatsin the selected shade, and is finally coated with two layers of lacquer. It is important to note that the drying process between each coat is approximately 72 hours.

What maintenance is required for exposed wood?

Wood is a natural material and as such, the exterior lacquer should be properly maintained. Upkeep is simple and includes a wood cleaning (both interior and exterior) and the application of a thin coat of water-based emulsion (only external surface) with a cloth fabric. It is highly recommended to repeat this process yearly in order to maintain the rich color of the wood for years to come.

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What is the maximum width for wooden rolling shutters?

The maximum available width is 5000mm. Nevertheless, depending on the specifications we may recommend ordering the shutters in two segments.

Is it possible to avoid the unsightly bulge of the shutter box on the interior of the room?

Absolutely. The diameter of the rolling shutter opening is determined based on the height, and with advanced planning we can identify the space needed and contain the mechanism within the confines of your wall.

Is there an option to switch between electrical and manual modes of operation for shutters?

Absolutely. You can choose the setting you prefer (manual/electric) and modify your selection as needed. This solution is very common, particularly for those maintaining religious observances.  

During what point of the construction process are windows, doors, and wooden shutters installed?

Installation is usually done following the completion of the plaster exterior, the initial coat of interior paint and the finished flooring. It is also necessary to install the windows and shutters after the thresholds have been placed. Although shutter installation is one of the final stages of construction, it is recommended to discuss wooden design concepts during the initial architectural planning phases.

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